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About Kim

As a mother, grandmother and a nurse Kim decided to follow a dream she's held close to her heart since she was a young child.  She and her grandfather were laying in the mud in his rose garden waiting for the perfect drop of dew to form on one of his rose petals as the sun was coming up in the background. 


He had his camera on the tripod as he coached her to stay still and just watch the magic.   The sun broke over the horizon just as the drop of dew started to fall from the petal and her grandpa snapped the shutter.  She was so excited she almost upset the tripod.  

Then came the second magical moment that day.  In the dark room in the basement as she sat on a stool watching the image that her grandpa had captured develop on the paper.   She was hooked.  Her love of photography and capturing those special images was born.


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